Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My first bed doll

This is the first bed doll I made. I read somewhere about a woman that went through her mother's things after she passed away. The mother was always crocheting or making something or other. She said there was almost nothing handmade in her mother's home. So I started looking around my house. There was almost nothing handmade here either although I've always got one project (or two or three!) going. So I decided I wanted to make something for myself and found this pattern for a pretty bed doll belle. I needed something to put on the plain blue bed in my guest room. I think she turned out beautifully!

I've been crocheting for about 40 years, but haven't done anything but afghans. I finally decided it was time to start doing different things. This is one of the first I've done. I enjoyed doing it so much I have decided to make each of my 4 granddaughters one for Christmas. Oh wait! That's 5 granddaughters now! My newest was born 7/17!

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Crafts by Alice said...

Wow that is really beautiful. I've only been crocheting for a little over a year, so I am still doing pretty simple items. I love the ruffles. So pretty!